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The Most Popular Coating for the Molding Industry

PFI’s most requested coating for the molding industry is our reliable Dura Slick coating. Dura Slick is a proprietary nickel base with a low coefficient of friction makeup and has a breakdown temperature of 1650 F. This innovative nonstick metal plating is one of the finest in the tool and die, rubber, and plastic injection industry. This coating is excellent for the release of plastics and plastic molds, and in applications that have wear and galling issues. It is especially useful for plating medical molds as well as on electrical connector tooling. Find out how PFI’s Dura Slick mold release coatings differentiate over competitors by checking out our article on Dura Slick’s capabilities.

dura slick coated parts
dura slick coated parts

Use Dura Slick for Salvage

Dura Slick is also used for salvage. The Dura Slick coating is excellent to use where engineering changes are needed in a molding surface. PFI can mask off the entire part and concentrate on the area that needs build up plating because we are experts in selective plating. Dura Slick plates pit free at .010 making it one of the most requested plating for plastic injection tooling. Dura Slick can be post polished to an A2 finish. It is one of the best coatings on the market because it is a slippery, hard, corrosive protective coating with a break down temperature of 1650°F.

Dura Slick is excellent for salvaging molding surfaces that require lubricity. PFI can provide pit-free mold dimension, lubricity, and hardness in one coat. For non-mold surfaces we can use engineering nickel (MAP) or sulfamate.
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dura slick coated parts

Why Choose PFI for your Mold Release Coating Needs

The most requested coating for the molding industry is PFI’s reliable Dura Slick proprietary nickel-base mold release coating. Not only is the Dura Slick coating high quality, but we differentiate by putting full confidence in our highly experienced metal finishers. The hardness, lubricity, and low-maintenance that Dura Slick provides, combined with the expertise of our injection molding metal finishers, is unparalleled in the industry. To learn more about how PFI is a differentiator in mold release coatings, check out our article on Dura Slick’s capabilities.

dura slick coated parts

Specs and Attributes



  • 56-58 RC as plated
  • 67-68 RC can be achieved post baking at safe temperatures
  • Plating deposit .00003-.010 thick
  • Excellent for wear applications
  • A uniform plating deposit of both nickel and low coefficient of friction proprietary make up
  • Prevents Galling
  • Excellent adhesion on almost all tool steels and aluminum
  • Breakdown temperature 1650° to 1790°F
  • Coefficient of Friction approximately .05

Featured in Injection Molding Magazine

dura slick was featured in injection molding magazine &