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Aluminum Anodizing Services

PFI Inc. / November 30, 2023


Discover the Benefits of Aluminum Anodizing Services from PFI

You may be familiar with the anodizing process, but we want to help you discover its full potential so you can get the most out of contracting PFI. We have become a go-to provider of aluminum anodizing services and continue to build on our 30+ year track record of serving customers in various industries. With skilled workers able to perform both Type II and Type III Anodizing on parts intended for an endless range of applications, we are confident we can serve your company. As you continue reading, you will be able to acquaint yourself with our anodizing company’s offering and discover what sets our work apart in protecting your aluminum from corrosion and wear.

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Type III Hard Coat Aluminum Anodizing for Defense and More

The most sought-after industrial coating we offer is Type III hard coat anodize. With deep penetration of .001” and thick buildup of .001”, Type III anodizing results in a durable protective layer on aluminum. This method is ideal for scenarios where exceptional strength is needed for aluminum parts to function reliably and for a long time. With hardness of roughly 65 Rc and a non-conductive nature, Type 3 anodized substrates can serve uses including as automotive parts, compressor fittings, and more. If you are curious to learn more about what makes this solution unique and how it stands out for providing exceptional protection for aluminum parts, we have written more about Type III anodizing characteristics for you to read.

Performing Type II Anodizing Services for Automotive, Aerospace, and More

Aluminum is used in an endless list of products, but there are certain industries that have found it to be an essential element of their equipment. Aluminum’s versatility and affordable cost are ideal, but its natural strength and corrosion resistance is not always suited to your intended use. One way to improve aluminum’s strength, appearance, and corrosion resistance is with type II anodize. While less thick than Type III anodize, this method will result in a durable coating that ranges from .0003 – .0005” thick with .0003 = .0005” penetration. In addition to its flexible thickness, we can anodize your aluminum in colors ranging from blue or green to black, olive, and more.

Anodize Build Up Can Be Flexibly Adjusted Based on Part Use

Do you need a thick layer of anodize to protect your aluminum parts that are exposed to heavy wear and harsh corrosives? Do you need a light layer of protection to ensure your aluminum substrate can withstand daily use? With our Type II and Type III anodizing services, you can protect your aluminum parts with the exact amount of hardness, thickness, and corrosion resistance they need to work correctly. Our skilled team knows how to anodize aluminum within tight specifications, so you can expect precision when you contract us to protect your parts.

Contract PFI to Protect Your Aluminum from Corrosion with Anodizing

You may have a unique need for aluminum anodizing services, but we are confident the PFI team can take on even the most complex job. Our decades in business have provided us with opportunities to hone our anodizing skills and take on jobs for OEMs in industries as demanding as aerospace, automotive, and Defense. From providing MIL-A-8625 spec coatings to anodizing parts used in popular automobiles, PFI has been a trusted source for Type II and Type III anodizing work.

Do you want to contract an anodizing services company that has a long history of achieving customer satisfaction and a QA program that will ensure the success of your project? Simply contact PFI today to submit your project details and request a quote.

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