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Handling Urgent Needs for Electroless Nickle Plating Services

PFI Inc. / February 6, 2024


Do You Have an Urgent Need for Electroless Nickle plating Services?

We know how busy injection molders and military contractors are. We think that a small typo when searching electroless nickle platings should not prevent you from finding the right plating provider. At PFI, we are experts at applying nickel platings to a range of metals via an efficient electroless process. To learn about our flexible solutions and our company, read on before contacting PFI to discuss the electroless nickel plating work your company needs completed.

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Get the Right Mil-Spec Electroless Nickel Coating

Electroless Nickel is a plating that is well-suited to serving those who serve. For years, we have been helping Defense contractors in need of platings that adhere to MIL-C-26074. Given this Mil-Spec plating’s qualities, it has become a popular spec in industries that extend beyond the military. Trusted by the US Military, MIL-C-26074 spec platings have also become popular for the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries, and beyond. At PFI, we are accustomed to using an advanced electricity-free depositing method to protect your parts with a nickel-phosphorus coating that meets this popular Mil spec.

Serving the Nickle Plating Needs of Injection Molders

Injection molding equipment will break down quickly if it lacks a coating that can handle the heat, impact, and friction involved in injection molding. If you want to protect new tooling or repair a deteriorating molding component, electroless nickel plating may be the perfect protective coating. With varying degrees of phosphorus that we can include in its makeup, our electroless nickel platings can offer a range of low friction-coefficients. This aspect and other others such as its uniformity, hardness, and heat resistance make electroless nickel perfectly suited to molding environments.

Electroless Nickel Plates Uniformly, Even on Complex Geometries

Some plating solutions are ill-suited to protecting parts unique geometries. Thankfully, electroless nickel is not one of these. Electroless nickel is deposited onto a substrate by placing the part into a 200°F solution. As a fluid, the nickel-phosphorus solution will reach every part of the substrate. Upon removal from the bath, the solution will be bonded to the substrate.

Electroless Nickel Plating Ranges from 0.000025” and as thick as .020”.

Uniformity is just one key benefit of electroless nickel plating. Different thicknesses can require different lengths of time in the bath.
You can contract PFI for an electroless nickel plating that can be as thin as 0.000025” or as thick as 0.020”. Plating across this range can mean just minutes of time your part(s) spend in the nickel-phosphorus bath. Regardless of thickness desired, the process is relatively quick, typically taking place in the range of 15 minutes to one hour.

Enhance the Qualities of Affordable Metals with Our Platings

A common reason to add a nickel plating to a part is due to a need to enhance the innate hardness or corrosion resistance of the base material. Stainless steel and aluminum might be easy to machine, but their natural softness is poorly suited to handling heavy weight and jarring impacts in molding environments and more.
When it comes to hardness in particular, we can provide varying degrees by adjusting the degree of phosphorus used in the nickel solutions we bathe parts in. PFI provides low, medium, and high phosphorus electroless nickle. The phosphorus level will be determined by your parts need, but all three are exceptional plating options with a range of benefits and uses.

PFI Is the Right Choice for Expert Electroless Nickle Plating

You might have discovered PFI due to a simple typo but finding us was no accident. PFI is known as an expert electroless nickel plating company and we boast a 30+ year history of plating excellence. Whether you need a mil-spec coating, a uniform plating on injection molding equipment, or something else, we have the experience and solutions needed to get the job done quickly and cost-effectively. You can learn more about the benefits and common uses of electroless nickel plating throughout our website, but nothing will prove more informative than contacting us to discuss your current needs.

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