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Anti Corrosion Coatings for Nuts, Bolts, and Screws

PFI Inc. / April 24, 2023

Nickel plated threaded parts

Contract PFI to Provide Anti Corrosion Coatings for Nuts, Bolts, and Screws

If you need fasteners in corrosion exposed environments to function reliably, PFI has multiple anti corrosion solutions to choose from. Below we will outline four of the anti corrosion coatings for nuts, bolts, and screws that we can provide and describe what makes each option unique and ideal for particular environments and applications.

The right anti corrosion option for your fasteners will depend on the metal they are made from and their intended use, and we are confident that one of the coatings we can apply will be perfect to suit your needs. By reading on you can learn about chrome plating, electroless nickel, aluminum anodizing, and tin plating for corrosion resistance. Alternatively, if you know the anti corrosion coating your fasteners require, feel free to skip reading and request a quote for your job right now.

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Consider Chrome Plating for Threaded Components Exposed to Caustic Materials

Among the many benefits of chrome plating performed by PFI is this coating’s ability to resist caustic materials. In addition to its ability to handle contact with acidic substances, chrome plating will provide your threaded components with a low coefficient of friction while also improving the strength of their base material. Additionally, if your fasteners are made from a rust prone iron alloy, chrome plating from PFI will be able to provide substantial corrosion protection from non-acidic corrosion.

Anodizing Aluminum Fasteners Is a Plate-less Solution to Improve Corrosion Resistance

Through the process of hardcoat Type III anodizing, we can improve the natural corrosion resistance of aluminum nuts, bolts, and screws without requiring plating. Anodizing is an electrical process that turns an aluminum surface into a hard, more wear-resistant exterior that remains smooth. If the qualities of aluminum make it an ideal metal for your fasteners but this metal’s natural qualities lack the corrosion resistance your intended use requires, Type III anodizing in accordance with the MIL-A-8625 spec can serve as an anti corrosion solution. Contact us to learn more about the anodizing process if you are unfamiliar and wish to learn more or are ready to request a quote.

Electroless Nickel Offers Both Corrosions Protection and Uniform Deposit for Precision Parts

When customers are interested in anti corrosion coatings for nuts, bolts, and screws that require a uniform coating, electroless nickel can prove the right option. One reason is that Electroless nickel plating provides substantial corrosion protection and can be performed efficiently. For example, with a uniform electroless nickel deposit of just .001” thickness, this plating solution provides 1,000 hours of salt spray protection. The minimal thickness required to provide substantial corrosion protection ensures that the fasteners coated with this nickel-phosphorus alloy will remain sized precisely for their intended environment.

Zinc Galvanizing is a Trusted Plating Solution Used to Prevent Fastener Corrosion

Among PFI’s most sought after anti corrosion coatings for nuts, bolts, and screws is zinc plating. This low-cost process can be performed via rack plating or barrel plating and provides benefits to the plated fastener including increased temperature resistance, improved electrical properties, greater resistance to wear and abrasion, and more. If you want help in deciding whether Zinc Galvanizing is right for your threaded parts, contact us to discuss and request a competitively priced quote.

PFI Is Ready to Provide Any of Our Corrosion Resistance Solutions for Your Fasteners

No matter which of the above solutions will best serve your needs, our team at PFI is prepared to complete the work you need. We can perform Type III anodizing, chrome plating, tin galvanizing, and electroless nickel plating with brief turnaround times and get the job done for a competitive price. If the above has helped you determine which of our anti corrosion coatings for nuts, bolts, and screws you need performed, we invite you to submit your drawings for a quote now. If you still have questions or want to discuss a unique situation, we will be happy to schedule a convenient time to discuss your needs.

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