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Reliable Options for a Permanent Mold Release Coating at PFI

PFI Inc. / October 22, 2022


Your mold releases deserve the most durable, wear-resistant, and thoughtfully applied coatings, and PFI is the business to contract with to handle the job. Offering a diverse variety of both proprietary and widely used coating and plating solutions, our team offers a diverse selection of reliable options for your permanent mold release coating needs. If you know exactly what mold release coating your equipment needs, contact us now to request a quote. If you are trying to determine which coatings are available and which might be best suited and most durable given the intended application, we recommend reading on to learn more about some of our trusted and tested solutions, then contacting us either to request a quote or help in deciding.

PFI Has Served the Molding Industry’s Coating Needs for 30 Years

Contracting with PFI for a permanent mold release coating means working with a team that has been serving companies like yours for over 30 years. Across this time in business, we have perfected our coating and plating processes, taken advantage of industry innovations, and have even developed proprietary mold coating solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customer base. Our decades of experience mean that the PFI can be trusted to understand your coating needs and make the right recommendation for which solution is best suited to your molding substrate.

Offering Proprietary Mold Release Coatings like Dura Slick and Lubricoat

Two of our most popular mold release coating solutions are Dura Slick and Lubricoat, both of which are proprietary to PFI. Dura Slick is an excellent solution for injection mold release coatings and can also be used to salvage old mold components to extend their functional lifespan. Dura Slick offers a low coefficient of friction makeup and can handle higher heat environments thanks to its 1,650°f breakdown temperature, making it durable in a wide range of injection mold release environments. Our other proprietary coating is known as Lubricoat, which includes Teflon in its chemical makeup. The addition of Teflon in this Nickel-Phosphorous solution increases its lubricity and makes it ideal for aiding in the release of plastic from mold components. Dura Slick and Lubricoat may both serve well as permanent mold release coating solutions, but these proprietary options are just two long lasting solutions offered by the PFI team.

Choose Electroless Nickel Plating Specialists

If electroless nickel plating is determined to be the solution best suited for your mold release, there is no better team to contract with to handle the job than PFI. Our electroless nickel solutions offer extremely high heat and wear resistance and prevent the coated substrate from conducting electricity. In addition to its durability, our electroless nickel plating can be applied in a range of thickness that allows for flexibility. The thinnest application we can offer is 0.000025” and we can also apply electroless nickel as thick as 0.020” depending on your needs. While electroless nickel is not suited to every permanent mold release coating job, you will want to consider it as an option and discuss it with our team given its versatility.

Value Added Services and Specialty Coating Options Available Too

In addition to and separate of our mold release coating options, you can also contract with PFI to complete specialty coating solutions and a variety of value-added coating services. Our team has always worked strived to meet even the most customized needs of our customers, and this has led to our developing a broad suite of less commonly utilized services. This suite of specialized coating solutions includes a range of specialty plating operations that feature uncommon materials as well as valuable solutions like electropolishing. Whether you are looking for a mold release coating job only or if you have a custom need you want us to consider, PFI is the team to contract with if you want the work performed promptly and correctly.

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