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Clear Anodize Services from PFI Protect Aluminum Used Indoors and Outdoors

PFI Inc. / May 11, 2023


Clear Anodize Services from PFI Protect Aluminum in Indoor and Outdoor Environments

PFI offers the clear anodize services you need to protect aluminum used in both indoor and outdoor environments. With Type II clear anodize, we can strengthen your aluminum parts while also improving their corrosion resistance and appearance. These are only some of the benefits of clear anodize that we will outline below. Once you have had an opportunity to read further, we invite you to contact us to discuss how our cost-effective clear anodize solutions can provide your aluminum parts with the protection they need in their intended indoor or outdoor environment.

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Strengthen Aluminum and Protect Against Corrosion with Clear Anodizing

Clear anodize services allow you to benefit from aluminum’s light weight while improving its natural strength and providing substantial corrosion resistance. Our clear anodize oxidation process will result in a coating that penetrates between .0003 – .0005” and includes a buildup of between .0003 – .0005”. With the minimal change in dimensions this process leads to, aluminum parts can become protected from the elements and wear, while still fitting within their intended environment.

Clear Anodize Is Ideal for When Electrical Conductivity is Not Desired

If aluminum’s light weight and affordability make it a strong choice for a given environment but its natural conductivity poses challenges, we have solutions. Aluminum’s natural conductivity can be negated with clear anodize. The anodic oxide layer that will provide your aluminum parts with corrosion protection will also resist electrical conduction, making it an ideal solution where non-anodized aluminum’s conductivity could create issues in machinery functioning as intended.

Improve Aluminum’s Aesthetic Appearance with Clear Anodizing

We can include dyes in the anodizing process to add a range of colors to your anodized aluminum parts. However, clear anodize allows aluminum’s natural qualities to be improved upon while maintaining its attractive appearance. Clear anodize also allows you to avoid issues with fading color that can occur with colored anodize. Additionally, as logic would follow, the lack of dye involved in the process means it also costs less than colored anodizing while providing substantial protection. This combination of its attractive aesthetic and consistent appearance add to the reasons clear anodize if worth considering as a solution for your aluminum parts that need corrosion protection.

Contract PFI to Perform Low Cost Clear Anodize Services with Brief Turnaround Times

Having your aluminum parts anodized does not need to be a costly or prolonged process. When you contact PFI to request a quote for our clear anodize services, we will promptly provide you with a quote and guarantee that our work will be completed quickly and with high quality. At PFI, we have been providing a diverse variety of coating services since 1982. This extensive experience has led to the development of clear anodizing and quality assurance processes that are efficient, effective, and result in aluminum parts that are anodized exactly as needed. Choosing PFI’s clear anodizing services will ensure that your aluminum is well-protected and perfectly prepared to serve reliably in the indoor or outdoor environment in which you intend on utilizing it.

If you need clear aluminum anodizing performed or want to learn more about our pricing and services, contact us today for a competitive quote!

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