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Corrosion Plating for Fasteners

PFI Inc. / October 23, 2023


Corrosion Plating for Fasteners

Prevent your fasteners from rusting as well as chemical and environmental corrosion with the right plating solution from PFI. Regardless of what alloy your fasteners are made of or the type of environment they will be used in, one of our plating services should be able to provide more than adequate protection. In this article, we will provide information about the corrosion plating for fasteners PFI offers as well as the sorts of corrosion they can protect against.

You are welcome to contact us to determine the right fastener plating service now or you can also inform yourself more by reading further.

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Prevent Steel Alloy Fasteners from Rusting with PFI Corrosion Plating Services

Given its affordability, machinability, and wear-resistant qualities, many applications are well served by using steel fasteners. However, given the presence of iron in steel alloys, rust is a potential risk work planning for. With our help, you can go beyond planning and take decisive action to prevent fastener rust.

Our plating solutions to protect fasteners from rust include:

  • Electroless nickel plating
  • Zinc galvanizing
  • Chrome plating
  • More…

The use of your fastener(s) and the environment they will be exposed to will help determine which of these is the best rust preventing plating option to choose. It is worth noting that some of our plating solutions can be alloyed to increase lubricity or hardness. If you need to protect against rust and other corrosives, it is worth a discussion about which service of ours can provide the all-encompassing protection your fasteners need.

The Types of Corrosion that Can Impact Fasteners is Diverse

We focused above on rust and its ability to damage steel alloy and iron-based fasteners. Unfortunately, fasteners can be prone to types of corrosion that go far beyond rust. Other common corrosion types include chemical corrosion, stress related corrosion such as cracking, and even microscopic breakdown known as pitting corrosion. We could outline an even broader array of corrosion risks that fasteners can face. However, the good news is that all our plating options provide protection from multiple corrosion types. While you will want to determine which is best for your fasteners, you will not struggle to find a solution that protects your threaded parts from environmental and wear-based corrosion.

With Multiple Fastener Plating Options, Learn How to Choose the Best One

There might not be an overall best corrosion plating for fasteners, but there is certainly going to be an ideal plating solution for your use-case(s). When you consider the metal alloy your fasteners are made of and the environment they will be exposed to, what concerns you most?

The answer to this question should help you know quickly if rust, chemical corrosion, galvanic corrosion, crevice corrosion, or something else like stress cracking are top concerns. Your answer may include multiple corrosion types and thankfully our solutions are multi-dimensional.

The Progress For Industry Team Can Help You Select a Corrosion Plating Solution

We trust that the above information has helped you understand the plating services we offer and the sorts of corrosion they can protect your fasteners from experiencing. However, some use cases are more complex than those we outlined above.

If you want to discuss a unique scenario and get our advice on which plating service in our lineup we think will work best, contact us now to begin a conversation. Alternatively, if you know exactly which corrosion plating for fasteners in our lineup of services will work best for you, you can reach out now to request a quote. Either way, we are going to be prepared to work with you and plate your fasteners to ensure they are protected from corrosion.

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